All About "All The Pretty Saddles"

candy belevance

Candy has spent her entire life around horses, and “rode before she walked” so to speak. Her life long experiences include judging, training instructor, professional showing, barn management, and running a variety of local horse camps. This accumulated wisdom has given Candy a thorough knowledge of the necessities of the equestrian life style. Candy is well versed in all topics pertaining to horses and is always happy and willing to discuss any questions and ideas you may have, or to just talk to you over a cup of coffee.

all about all the pretty saddles

Starting in 1974, Candy became a judge for horse-show events. With each event, she began to notice more and more young children participating in events with saddles that shouldn’t even be ridden in. They were either unsafe, or just wrong for the child all together. She saw a need to help these youngsters, and decided to find a way to give them access to safe and affordable saddles. Making them available initially, was simply a matter of loading up the truck and finding various tack sales and other equestrian related events. After many years of hauling, loading and unloading the trucks, Candy decided that she wasn’t getting any younger and just wanted to be warm, so she opened the doors to All The Pretty Saddles LLC. Now she has a place where equestrians and horse lovers of any age and experience level can come in and browse the shop in a warm, friendly atmosphere without breaking the budget.

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